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fixing a dent on a car using pdr technique

What Is The Cost For Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a viable alternative to a vast majority of minor dents. The Paintless dent repair cost is usually low, and it takes a short time for customers to wait for the entire paintless dent removal process to finish. Paintless dent repair is also environment friendly, with no chemicals or plastic fillers used for the entire process. The average dent repair cost is $125. Though paintless dent removal cost is lower than most car dent repair alternatives, there are several factors that influence the overall paintless dent repair costs.

Aside from this article that deals with the car dent repair cost by PDR, we also answer details on fixing a dent and is it worth fixing a bumper. We will have more helpful articles about paintless dent repair and auto body repair topics soon!

What is the Difference Between Traditional Dent Repair and Paintless Dent Repair?

The dent repair cost difference between traditional dent repair and paintless dent repair is huge. The average dent repair cost for traditional dent repair is around $600 per panel. That is for minor dent types such as small dings. With a car dent repair cost of just $125, your savings for a similar dent is 80% less! The cost of dent repair for larger quantities of marks caused by hail damage though is substantial, hence you will need comprehensive coverage in this case.

However, the car dent repair process requires a skilled technician using special tools. For instance, hail damage repair requires concentration because of the number of minor dings. Paintless dent repair works by pulling one part to restore the body form. That means paintless dent repair may work for most minor collision repair work unless a strong impact on the center compromises the metal structure, even for a small dent. Another example is parking accidents. The collision, in this case, are more likely bigger dents. However, due to the nature of the impact, it is easier to restore the original shape than, say, dents caused by a hammer blow. However, dents on the body line are more challenging to correct.

Traditional dent repair may work better for severe dents with substantial body damage where the metal structure is compromised or holes result. Dent repairs for these car dents will likely require repainting to restore the car to its pre-accident condition.

Factors That Affect Paintless Dent Repair

How Much is the Number of Dents Does Your Car Have?

There will be instances when customers come into our auto body shop with multiple dents and dings. In most instances, an auto body shop offers the same price for a paintless dent repair fix for three 1″ dents for the price of one.

Where is the Dent Location?

Repairing dents at hidden locations can be challenging, thereby affecting the dent repair cost due to the labor-intensive removal process of obstructions such as headliners.

What is the Dent Size?

The size of the dent is measured from one edge of the metal distortion to its furthest edge. Larger dents will affect the paintless dent repair price. For instance, the car dent repair cost for a medium-sized dent will be a bit more than working on a small dent. Small dents may cost less unless closer scrutiny yields substantial damage, which a dent puller can’t remedy.

What is the Material of the Car Body That Requires Dent Repair?

Most specialized tools are optimized for paintless dent removal for car bodies made of steel. However, some cars have aluminum bodies. Aluminum is a more challenging material for paintless dent repair. The paintless dent repair cost for working with Aluminum is about 50% more than the car dent repair cost with steel.

The Dent man Is The Place To Go For Paintless Dent Removal In Gilbert

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