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Different Types of Car Dents

As experienced professionals do paintless dent repair, it only takes minutes to do dent removal for a wide variety of dent types. Many of our clients come to us with dents usually got these unexpectedly. Most types of car dents tend to be from minor accidents. Minor accidents happen when shopping carts hit your door unattended or a child’s misaimed baseball throw. Small stones can cause minor dents in many cases, no matter how small. However, there are cases when we get dents from sharp metal objects. In that case, the sharp dents are more challenging to do dent repair, even if it looks tiny at first sight.

Common Types of Car Dents

No matter how careful you are with your car, accidents may happen. For major accidents such as a fender bender, you may need your entire panel replaced. Extreme dents may need repainting, while others can be fixed using affordable types of repair kit in the hands of experienced technicians. However, if you seek to sell your car, it is best to eliminate any car dent to enhance the resale value of your vehicle. Paintless dent removal can remove a vast majority of dent cases if the auto body shop knows how to do paintless dent repair procedures properly. However, there are many other kinds of dents. This list of common dents will help you understand what causes them, so you will be aware of how we will do the appropriate dent repair.

Creased Dents

Creased dents happen when a sharp object makes contact with one part of your vehicle, then it gets dragged along the surface, creating a screeching noise. In most cases, creased dents come with paint damage. Worse cases of creased dents might also contain metal damage. Paintless dent repair is not applicable for these cases. Moreover, your car will require paintwork to ensure that the color is uniform after the dent repair process. Using specialized tools, body shop technicians and dent repair professionals can do dent repairs for creased dents.

Car Dings

These are minor car dents caused by small rocks or a small object hitting the surface of your car. The indentation is equal to or less than half an inch in diameter. Paintless dent repair is suited to eliminate car dings.

Round Dents

Though round dents may vary, these are typically caused by a blunt or round object hitting your car’s surface. These objects could be hailstones, a baseball (or any ball), or other round objects. Round dents may be funnel shape and could come in a broad range of sizes. Round dents don’t usually come with paint damage, making them ideal candidates for paintless dent repair because modern automotive paints are more flexible. Hail dents from a bad hail storm, though, tend to be too numerous for making paintless dent repair feasible in most cases.

Sharp Dents

Though many cases of sharp dents are small, these are the trickiest type of dents to repair. Shap dents result from a sharp hard object such as a metal that leaves a mark on the car’s exterior. Though the car dent looks small, on your car door, for instance, these might be deep dents that go below the car panels. Moreover, the original metalwork below the car paint could be damaged, allowing corrosion to set in. Though repairing sharp dents is challenging, professionals have the tools and experience to repair any sharp dent.

What Kinds of Dents Can We Repair?

Fortunately, The Dent Man is the perfect team for the job for any types of car dents. Whether you bring a car with minor dents, multiple dents, or even a fender bender, we can provide you with a thorough assessment and make the appropriate dent repair procedure for any types of car dents. Even for extreme dents, small fender benders, crease dents, or other types of large car dents, you can rely on us to provide you with the appropriate car dent repair procedure to make your car look brand new.

Takeaways: For Professional Dent Repairs: Dentman Is The Place To Go

You can count on us to select the most appropriate method to repair the dents that can save you money and ensure that your car goes back to looking brand new. You can get your vehicle directly to our auto body shop or call us at (480) 577-9272 for a free estimate. You don’t need to worry about your car dent repair cost. We work with leading insurance companies for your insurance claim to help you cover your repair costs.