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How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Dent in Arizona?

Suppose you arrive home and suddenly find a small dent in your car. Was it caused by a minor accident during parking? Or a small rock hit your car’s body somehow, causing car dents. These imperfections can affect your car’s resale value, whether it is a small dent or larger dents. You may need to consider how much a dent repair will cost. If you are adventurous, you may consider doing dent repair work yourself—however, many factors to consider to calculating the cost of repairing a car dent. Different methods are fit to fix car dents depending on their size, location, and severity. Some processes may work well in most cases yet may not be the best alternative for some methods. However the dent repair method may be, we recommend that you explore your options first.

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How to Fix Dents?

The best and most efficient way to remove any car dent is to go to a trusted auto body shop to repair the car dent. In most cases, professional repair work done in an auto body shop will bring the most value to removing car dents. A skilled technician with the appropriate specialized tools can remove the entire dent more efficiently and quickly. Best of all, professional repair work can result in a pristine finish such that your car will look brand new! However, there are DIY repair tips offered online. If you want to take the challenge of repairing your car dent yourself, then you need to consider the risk.

Methods of Removing Dents

Technicians will usually start by cleaning off the collision area when doing their damage assessment. In some cases, it might be less expensive to replace entire car sections than to remove the dent.

The next step is to select any of the following methods to remove a car’s dents:

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR): In this method, technicians use specialized tools to push the dented area on the panel carefully. PDR is a delicate process that requires some planning and experience from the technicians, as this method should not harm the paint during the entire process. However, this method saves time and may take just minutes to finish. Note that technicians may still need to touch up paint after this repair method if some damage to the paint results from the collision.

Dent Puller: Technicians will use a large suction cup to pull a dent out from the collision area. This method is helpful for similar dents managed by PDR to make the dent pop without damaging the paint.

Stud Welder: In this process, a technician places studs into the dent and uses tools to pull the dent out.

Dolly and Hammer: This is an old-school method where a dolly is placed on one side of the body while hammering out the other side of the dent.

Factors That Affect Dent Repair Cost

Technicians in a repair facility will use the following considerations when estimating the cost of the dent repair work. These factors will also determine which methods they will use to remove the dents. Note that even small dents can come in different shapes and depths and could be tell-tale signs of larger dents lurking beneath them. Many auto repair shops, such as The Dentman, offer a price estimator on our site. This feature helps our clients prepare their budget for their dent repair needs before bringing their car to our shop. For more complicated dents, auto body shops assess the extent of the dents manually to provide clients with a more accurate estimate.

Size of the dent: The size of the dent is the most obvious consideration when calculating the cost. If the dents are of the exact nature and depth, then large dents will cost more to repair than small dents.

Depth: Given the size of dents is the same, deeper dents will cost more than shallow dents.

Dent Location: If the dents are in hard-to-reach places or affected structural steel components, these dent types are more expensive to repair. Moreover, the repair cost will drive up if parts need to be removed to reach the dents.

The location of the repair facility: It will be more affordable to repair dents in some cities than in others because of competition, labor costs, and availability of parts. If an auto parts store is nearby, you might save a bit more.

Body Material: Repairing hardened aluminum is more challenging than repairs on stainless steel found in most cars.

Model and Make of the Car: Expect to spend more on dent repairs if you bring in a luxury car.

Range of Professional Dent Repair Cost

PDR costs less than traditional dent repair methods for the same dent types they can work on, such as small indentations from a flying rock or minor dings caused by a parking accident which doesn’t affect the paint. The range of dent repair is $50 to over $10,000 in the case of extensive hail damage. For major collisions, expect to spend $200 or more, especially when the dent removal methods needed are beyond the capabilities of PDR.

Range of DIY Dent Removal Cost

A dent removal kit starts for less than $10 for a simple dent puller. One method is to pour boiling water over the dent while using the simple dent puller. A PDR kit costs much more at around $800. A DIY method may involve using a heat gun, hot water, dry ice, a vacuum cleaner, or a hair dryer. The risk of repairing dents yourself, though, is that you might worsen the damage, especially for more complicated dent types.

Takeaways: It is Worth Fixing Dents Professionally To Enhance Your Car Resale Value

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