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How To Do Paintless Dent Repair

Dents and dings will always be a part of owning a car. No matter how careful you are, you can get car dents even in a parking lot or when driving casually. In most cases, you will suddenly find small dents or dings on the surface of your car. Fortunately, there are convenient ways to do dent repair. Dent repair work used to be very costly and time-consuming. Nowadays, a body shop such as The Dent Man can provide you with the best paintless dent removal service. Paintless dent repair work is a non-invasive method of removing dents. The dent repair cost for paintless dent repair is lower than traditional dent repair procedures. Minor ones might be fixable using simple types of repair kit. In this article, we will be discussing paintless dent repair, how it works, and why it is good for you.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a cost-effective alternative to traditional dent repair for many types of car dents. Traditional dent repair usually involves extensive bodywork and repainting. On the other hand, paintless dent repair is non-invasive, and it takes less time to do paintless dent repair than any other dent repair process.

Though paintless dent repair may look easy, a well-trained paintless dent repair technician does a lot of preparatory work on the dent before proceeding with paintless dent repair itself. A paintless dent repair technician thoroughly assesses the dent from different angles to understand which forces will be needed to ease the metal back into shape. Paintless dent repairs involve smoothing dents from behind the car’s surface. In this case, additional work consists in removing interior paneling to ensure a thorough job or removing dents.

Paintless dent repair is also environmentally friendly. The paintless dent repair process doesn’t require harmful chemicals.

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Though we usually forego minor dents for, later on, it would be worthwhile to remove dents before some of them get worse. Bringing your car to an auto body repair shop for paintless dent repair for assessment is an excellent way to bring your vehicle back to its brand new look. The paintless dent repair cost depends on several factors. The number of dents, location, and size affect the paintless dent repair cost. However, paintless dent repair still costs less than traditional dent repair in most cases. You can expect to spend between $50 to $500 for professional paintless dent repair work. If you want to DIY your paintless dent removal work, you may pay even less on paintless dent repair kits available on the market. However, paintless dent repair requires skill and thoroughness, and you might end up creating more damage when you do paintless dent repair yourself. In the case of hail damage repair, especially for hail damage caused by bad hailstorms, the paintless dent repair cost could be higher. Moreover, a body shop has the appropriate tools to do paintless dent repair.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

  1. Once you arrive at a body shop that services paintless dent repair needs, a skilled technician thoroughly assesses the damage. 
    1. They look at the location of the dent.
    2. They measure the size of the dent.
    3. They map the dents carefully to explore the best ways to access the dent. They look at the following items before starting with the paintless dent removal procedure:
    The technician will decide if paintless dent repair will be appropriate to repair the dents. A sharp object may cause a small dent, or extensive damage may be present underneath the vehicle’s body. In that case, the damage could be comprehensive enough to require traditional repair methods.Suppose the technician recommends paintless dent repair for the type of dents detected. In that case, a detailed map ensures that they follow the body lines and work out the proper angles to make the paintless dent repair procedure effective.
  2. Accessing the DentPaintless dent repair will usually require working from behind the car’s surface. In this case, the body panels, lights, or in some cases, interior panels will be removed.
  3. Paintless Dent Repair Process
    1. The technician will use a paintless dent repair glue and a lifter gun. The glue is applied to the surface of the dented area. Once done, the technician will apply pressure using the lifter gun to remove dents.
    2. There are cases when there are unequal surfaces. The technician will apply slight forces with a hammer to work these surfaces out.
    3. The technician may use a paintless dent repair tapping tool to remove dents without damaging the paint instead of a hammer in some cases.
    4. A hook bar is helpful for door dings or if dent repair is needed for a car’s door.
  4. Polishing the Car Surface after Paintless Dent RepairsIf the factory paint is of the “clear coat” variety, then polishing is one way to restore the car’s look. Most cases of minor dent repair may not require polishing. However, an auto body shop that stresses quality assurance may include this service.

Takeaways: For Repairing Dents: The Dent Man Is The Team You Need

Still, nothing beats the pros of thoroughly assessing the damage. You can count on us to select the most appropriate dent removal procedure to save money and ensure that your car goes back to looking brand new. Our body shop services paintless dent repair, among other dent repair services. Whether you have large dents, medium-sized dents, or small dents such as door dings, paintless dent repair in the hands of the pros will still bring you the best result. For other types of vehicle damage whether you need help with hail damage repairs, collision repair, or scratch damage, we will bring your vehicle back to how it looked when it was a new car! You can get your vehicle directly to our auto body shop or call us at (480) 577-9272 for a free estimate. You don’t need to worry about your vehicle repair cost. We will work with your insurance company to help you cover your vehicle repair costs.