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Is It Worth Going to Bumper Fixers to Fix Your Bumper?

If you seek to sell your car soon, a bumper repair is essential. You can recover the repair costs after getting your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. Moreover, a visit to an auto body shop is necessary, not just for bumper repairs, but to look at other parts of the car for damage, especially if your vehicle has a history of minor accidents, to see if dent repair is necessary. In the case of a collision repair, this can provide a layer of safety for the car. For a complete assessment of your vehicle for possible damage, The Dent man is the ideal Gilbert Auto Body Shop for you. We have decades of experience in the collision repair industry. Still, we are also renowned for our excellent customer service and honesty when dealing with assessments for collision repair, bumper repair, bumper replacement, or dealing with both substantial and minor damage.

Aside from this article that deals with the value of getting a bumper repair with an auto body repair shop, we also answer details on fixing a dent, and the cost for paintless dent repair on our site. We have more helpful articles about paintless dent repair and auto body repair topics coming soon!

What are the Expected Bumper Repair Costs?

The expected bumper repair costs depend on the extent of the damage making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cost. The range of bumper repairs ranges from $300 to $10,000 depending on if you require having minor dents for your bumper or if the frame of your car is affected by the accident. Paintless dent repair can deal with most minor bumper damage, such as certain types of deep scratches. However, some damage to the metal might require the more expensive traditional dent repair procedures or an entire bumper replacement. The combination of specialized tools and a plastic filler may serve the same purpose as replacing your bumper if the extent of the damage isn’t extensive. Note that your parking sensors might need to inspection if they still function or have received substantial damage. You can save more on your bumper repair cost if your Gilbert auto body shop is affiliated with an insurance company to have most of your auto body repair cost covered.

Are Bumper Replacements Necessary After An Accident?

In most cases, bumper replacement is necessary after an accident. First of all, you may need to bring your car to an auto body shop for a thorough inspection. You will need to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. An auto body shop should be with you through the entire repair process to ensure that you can bring your car to near its brand new condition. If possible, you need to consider getting a replacement bumper from an original equipment manufacturer. However, if the dents aren’t too extensive, a body shop like The Dentman has specialized tools to bring your bumper back to shape at a fraction of the cost.

Does Your Gilbert Auto Body Shop Work With Your Insurance Company?

Your auto repair shop can save you tons of money if they can work with your insurance claim, especially if your car went through an accident. If your vehicle was damaged, for instance, by a fallen tree branch, then you need to look at your insurance policy to see if it has comprehensive coverage. Fortunately, repair shops such as The Dentman can provide a free estimate once you call them. They will work with you through the repair process to check if some or all of the collision repair costs are insurance-deductible.

How Long Does It Take To Fix or Replace a Bumper?

Most auto body shops can restore your bumper within three business days. However, suppose the damage is expensive, for instance. If a windshield replacement and paint peeling are necessary, or a new bumper is harder to source, it may take up to two weeks, especially for luxury vehicles.

The Dentman is the Gilbert Auto Body Shop for Collison Repair

The Dentman is your one-stop-shop for most of your collision repair needs. We have experienced and highly-certified technicians that specialize in collision repair services, especially for PDR. We have specialized tools that can help you bring your car back into shape while you wait! You can bring your vehicle directly to our auto body shop or call us at (480) 577-9272 for a free estimate. We work with leading insurance companies for your insurance claim to help you cover your repair costs.