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We can easily repair car dents/dings effectively, fast and customized to your needs

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair


With PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) techniques we can safely restore vehicles to their original factory condition without compromising a vehicle’s original painted finish.

First, before the repair dents, our technicians assess the damage to the vehicle. Where is the dent? How big is the dent? Whether be minor dents or not. How do we get to the dent?  After assessing the damage and determining if it can be effectively removed through Mobile PDR, we begin working on the repair.

Many types of minor dent damage, including hail or door dings, can be removed without fillers, sanding, and painting. Many special tools are used to carefully push out the dents from the underside of the body panel.

  • Dents several inches in diameter can be successfully repaired providing the paint has not been damaged or the metal stretched.
  • Since no toxic chemicals or materials are used the dent removal process, PDR is 100% environmentally friendly!

To perform PDR, you need a pathway to the dent. In most cases, a technician can access a dent through an existing gap in the car, in some case, careful removal of taillights and interior panels are required and in rare occurrences, a manufactured access point may be needed. Once the technician has access to the dent, it’s time to get a better look. The Dent man uses a special light board to give our technician a better look at the offending dent from their point of view. The board highlights the dent on the panel, telling the tech where to precisely place tools behind the dent to massage the body back to its original condition. The PDR process can be completed with same-day service, and the results are amazing!

Not sure if your vehicle can be fixed? Give us a call at (480) 577-9272 and let our technicians come to you to assess your situation.

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What Are the Advantages of PDR?

  • Quick, repairs can usually completed in an hour or two.
  • Hassle-free, we travel to you, don’t leave your car at a body shop for days or weeks.
  • Minimal vehicle downtime, no need for a rental car.
  • Affordable, repairs usually cost less than insurance deductable.
  • Not reported to Carfax, keep your vehicle history clean.

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