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The Buying Guide For the Best Dent Repair Kit

If you are a manager of a fleet of cars for rent, someone who wants to do DIY dent repair, or a car dent repair technician who wants to start their own business, we would like to share with you a guide on how to select the best DIY dent repair kit in the market. These dent removal tools can set you off to fix most types of minor dents. Though we still recommend paintless dent repair for similar dents, we hope you still find these tips for selecting the best dent repair kits on the market.

How Do Dent Removal Tools Work?

In many types of car dents, the paintless dent removal procedure is not complicated as it looks. Though highly-skilled body shop technicians can do the job with ease, almost anyone can do paintless dent repair for many cases of minor dents such as door dings, small dents, and shallow dents. We advise that you still need your dents assessed, as we will discuss later for major dents. For professional-looking results, we recommend you to take these steps of how to do paintless dent repair using your paintless dent removal tools:

  1. Wipe the dented area with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Attach the tab by applying the glue with the glue gun on the center of the dent using hot glue (note, the dent removal tools for your paintless dent repair should always include glue sticks).
  3. Attach the dent lifter to the tab such that its rubber feet won’t damage any paint surfaces.
  4. Pull the dent lifter.
  5. Remove the tab.
  6. Clean the once dented area with rubbing alcohol. Note that the signs of minor dents will be almost invisible.Different kinds of varieties of tools are included in a dent repair kit designed for dents in other locations. If the task daunts you, please take note procedures using dent removal tools such as these are much more straightforward than doing dent removal with a dolly and rubber hammer. A paintless dent repair kit is effective nowadays because of the thinner but more malleable steel in today’s cars. Unlike in the 80s, the steel used in vehicles used to be thicker and more brittle. Best of all, recent car paints are flexible, making them resistant to cracking or chipping during the paintless dent repair procedure.

A Dent Removal Kit Includes:

Most dent removal tools include tabs, a puller, a scraper, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks. Professional-grade dent removal tools in auto body shops may consist of other items to manage more substantial or major dents.


Dent repair kits may include a plastic and a threaded tab. Threaded tabs can allow you to pull dents harder. However, you need to select a specific-sized dent puller to use. The tab must fit the size of the dent you will be repairing.

Dent Puller or Dent Lifter

There are different types of pullers depending on the kinds of dent you will be working on.

Gold Dent Lifter or Puller: These are gold-colored and have two levers that are squeezed together. They are easier to use than other types of dent lifters. However, you may need to exert more pressure to squeeze the grips.

Bridge Dent Lifter or Puller: These exert the most force when used with a threaded tab. The threaded knob is where the power is exerted.

Slide Hammer: These are used for larger dents and are not usually included in most dent removal tools or paintless dent repair kits available for DIY dent repair. However, these exert the strongest force compared to any dent lifter.

Hot Glue

Glue Sticks: Note the types of glue included in the paintless dent repair kits. You may not need many of these. In case you run out, spares are available at an affordable price.

Glue Guns: The setting will usually get the job done by melting the glue sticks. However, use the higher settings to ensure the glue melts appropriately to prevent the tab from slipping during the paintless dent repair process.

Other Items You Will Need

Scraper: These are for helping you remove excess glue.

Spray Bottle: Use your spray bottle to spray your rubbing alcohol over the dented surface.

Cloth: Always use the cleaning cloth that you are also using to clean your car. Don’t use a cleaning cloth that is much dirtier than the surface you are cleaning.

Hammer: A rubber hammer might come in handy when working on areas that are raised up farther than you need when you pull the dents.

Things To Consider Before Doing DIY Car Dent Repair

If you get a car dent, you need to assess the damage thoroughly. Some dents may be too deep, or the paint may be too scratched and chipped for paintless dent removal tools or these dent removal tools to remove. The best recourse is to let a body shop technician look at the extent of the damage to ensure that appropriate car dent repair procedures are used.

Ensure that your environment is not too hot when you do paintless dent repair. If your glue doesn’t set, the tabs won’t do their job.

Be thorough and patient when you do paintless dent removal. Body shop technicians have considerable training to do this job, yet it takes them several minutes to do paintless dent removal procedures perfectly.

Make sure that the dented area is clean. Remove wax, dirt, and grime to ensure the glue sticks properly.

Expect some areas will rise. In that case, you will need to tap those areas with a hammer carefully.

Takeaways: For Professional Paintless Dent Removal: Dentman Is Still The Place To Go

Though you may do paintless dent removal using the suitable paintless dent repair kits available on the market to remove dents, nothing beats the pros of making a thorough assessment of the damage. You can count on us to select the most appropriate dent removal procedure to save money and ensure that your car goes back to looking brand new. Whether you have large dents, medium-sized dents, or small dents such as door dings, paintless dent removal in the hands of the pros will still bring you the best result. Whether you need help with hail damage repair, large dents due to a significant collision, or other factors, we will bring your vehicle back to how it looked when it was a new car! You can get your vehicle directly to our auto body shop or call us at (480) 577-9272 for a free estimate. You don’t need to worry about your car dent repair cost. We work with leading insurance companies for your insurance claim to help you cover your repair costs.